Euro 2024 Showdown: Spain vs Italy Predictions and Insights

Euro 2024 Showdown: Spain vs Italy Predictions and Insights

Euro 2024 Preview: Spain vs Italy

The soccer world is buzzing with anticipation as two giants of European football, Spain and Italy, prepare to face off in what promises to be an exhilarating battle in the Euro 2024 tournament. This match is set against a backdrop of rich historical rivalry and a context of contemporary challenges and expectations. Both teams have a storied history in the tournament, and fans are eager to see if Spain can extend their unbeaten streak against Italy, which spans five matches, excluding penalties.

Current Form and Previous Encounters

Spain enters this match with a notable sense of confidence. Their past five meetings with Italy, excluding penalty shootouts, have seen them avoid defeat. This fact alone could be a psychological edge for the Spanish side. However, Italy should not be underestimated despite their recent setbacks. Over the past year, Italy has suffered competitive losses to England twice, Germany, and, of course, Spain. These losses highlight some vulnerabilities within the Italian squad that Spain could exploit.

Spain's manager, Luis de la Fuente, has confirmed that key players Rodri and Alvaro Morata, who were substituted for precautionary reasons in their last match, will return. However, Aymeric Laporte is dealing with a muscle injury, which might pose a defensive challenge for Spain. On the Italian side, Nicolo Fagioli's return is expected to bolster their midfield strength.

Tactical Analysis

Spain's approach under de la Fuente has been more direct compared to previous years. This change has allowed them to exploit weaknesses in their opponents more effectively. However, one cannot ignore the defensive hiccups showcased in their match against Croatia. Spain conceded goals that highlighted gaps in their defensive organization. Addressing these issues will be crucial if they hope to maintain their undefeated streak against Italy.

Italy, on the other hand, has displayed a mix of resilience and inconsistency. Their struggles against Albania were evident, and their performance against other top-tier teams has been shaky. Despite winning all three group stage games in Euro 2021, Italy's form has seen ups and downs. Manager Roberto Mancini will need to find the right balance and strategy to counter Spain's direct style of play.

Key Players and Strategic Match-ups

Rodri and Alvaro Morata will be pivotal for Spain. Rodri's ability to control the midfield and Morata's knack for finding the back of the net could be decisive. Aymeric Laporte's fitness will be closely monitored as his presence is key to Spain's defensive setup. For Italy, Nicolo Fagioli's return is crucial. His midfield dynamism could help Italy regain control in crucial phases of the match.

Another significant statistic that illustrates Spain's erstwhile dominance in terms of ball control is their 137-game streak of completing more passes than their opponents. This remarkable stretch was broken by Croatia, emphasizing that Spain can be disrupted if pressured efficiently.

Predictions and Betting Tips

The game promises to be an entertaining clash between two teams with distinct styles and strategies. Given Spain's recent form and their direct approach, they are predicted to edge out Italy in this encounter. A potential scoreline could involve over 2.5 goals, considering both teams' attacking capabilities and defensive vulnerabilities.

Spain's chances are favored not only due to their unbeaten streak against Italy but also because of their ability to outscore opponents. Italy will need to tighten their defense and capitalize on any counter-attacking opportunities they get. Both sides have the talent and tactical acumen to turn the tide in their favor, making this one of the most anticipated matches of Euro 2024.


As the date for the Spain vs. Italy match approaches, fans and analysts alike will be focussing on how each team prepares and adapts. Will Spain's directness and offensive prowess be too much for Italy to handle? Or can Italy's resilience and tactical discipline secure them a much-needed victory? This match goes beyond points; it's about pride, history, and the unquenchable spirit of competition that defines Euro cup football.

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