Who We Are

Tubular Track News is a premier news outlet dedicated to covering all facets of African dynamics. Established by Ellis Hampton, our office located at the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, serves as the epicenter where compelling African stories are curated and disseminated. With a deep commitment to journalism and truth, Tubular Track News has become a reputable source for insightful news and comprehensive analysis across Africa. Our daily coverage spans a multitude of sectors including politics, economics, culture, technology, and health, giving our readers a well-rounded view of the continent's landscape. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of delivering factual, unbiased, and timely information that not only informs but also educates and engages the African populace and global audiences interested in African affairs.

Our Mission

The central goal at Tubular Track News is to foster informed communities by providing news that matters. We aim to amplify African voices and narrate Africa's story through an authentically African lens. In a world proliferated by misinformation, our mission is critical in crafting a narrative that is both credible and influential. By prioritizing stories that affect economic stability, political transparency, cultural richness, and technological advancements in Africa, we influence a broad spectrum of discussions and help shape public opinion. Our rigorous approach to journalism ensures that each article is not only comprehensive but also meticulously checked for accuracy and relevance. We strive to be the reliable source that people turn to for understanding the pulse of Africa, its challenges, triumphs, and ongoing transformations.

Meet Our Team

At Tubular Track News, our team is at the core of our operations. Comprised of seasoned journalists, proficient editors, and dedicated analysts, each member brings unique perspectives and invaluable expertise to our platform. Ellis Hampton, our founder, leads this vibrant team with a vision of integrity and passion for African journalism. Our journalists are stationed across various regions of the continent, ensuring that local nuances and stories are faithfully captured and reported. Each team member shares a commitment to producing quality content that is both engaging and informative. They are continuously adapting and evolving in their roles to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities that the ever-changing media landscape in Africa presents.

How We Work

Our journalistic approach at Tubular Track News sets us apart. We employ a blend of traditional reporting techniques with modern technological tools to ensure a broad yet detailed coverage. Our operations encompass rigorous fact-checking, on-ground reporting, and insightful analysis to ensure our news reflects the true essence of Africa. By leveraging partnerships and networks all over the continent, we are able to bring you real-time updates and stories that matter. In an age where the demand for quick news is juxtaposed with the necessity for thorough investigation, our team is committed to upholding high standards that do not compromise on the integrity of the information provided.

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